A Second Home That Brings You Close To Nature


Urbanisation is good and a continuous process. But the same urbanisation does not offer the luxury of space. Everyone is getting crammed into limited areas and that’s when we start going away from nature. We just see concrete. There is no raw soil, nothing to grow etc. In fact kids now a day do not even know how vegetables grow, thanks to concrete jungles.

Living in a city is becoming stressful. There are various researches that have concluded the absence of nature can cause anxiety and health problems.

This gap has been acknowledged by many real estate companies. Today number of luxury projects are focusing their construction to fuse green environment where the resident can appreciate the quietness of nature and its advantages.

Here are some advantages of living in a community that exists together with nature:

1) Living close to a green environment makes you healthier:
We all know eating green has a good effect on our body. But living in greener surroundings also have a good effect on our health. People who live close to natural surroundings experience less anxiety and depression. It also encourages our improved well being.

2) Living in the natural surrounding can reduce recurrent mental blocks:
The intensity of an unpleasant environment can cause you to feel anxious, or depressed, or helpless. This, thusly, raises your blood pressure, heart rate, and suppresses your immune system. A delightful environment changes that, despite the age or culture, people find nature pleasing.

3) Gardening and homegrown vegetables:
Imagine if you get separate space for plantation. It is a wonderful activity to relieve stress. Home farming is an interest that can bring extraordinary delight to your life, empower you to get some free exercise and unite the whole family.

Hence, when you look for a second home, do look for a place where some land is a part of the deal where you can make your hands dirty planting some fruit trees or vegetable, you breathe fresh air, hear the sound of flowing water, able to see clear sky and really absorb nature. Why would one want to buy a flat or apartment as a second home? Why go away from the city if one wants to own a flat. You should only look for properties with land even if it is a small piece of it.

At Kenisha Holiday Homes, we offer villas and cottages, each of them with a plot of appurtenant land. We want our buyers to make an appointment with nature during every trip of theirs. Being on Khopoli-Pali road, it is very accessible from both Mumbai and Pune with a drive of 2 to 2.5 hrs. A smooth ride makes a huge difference. Road widening of Khopoli-Pali road will further enhance the connectivity.

The location and layout of Kenisha are very differentiated that gives the owner spot, tranquillity and ample space to explore nature. It is off from the main road by about 3 km which is going into a valley which is surrounded by mountains of Khandala and Dukes Nose. It very soothing to see many many waterfalls in monsoon, hear flowing river nearby, trek through dense forest and water bodies.

Kenisha has also emphasized on creating water bodies and each unit with an appurtenant land to be used for growing your own vegetables, fruit trees, fireplace for outdoor activities in winter or spots just to see and soak nature. Growing your own vegetables and making a dish out of it is priceless.

Do explore Kenisha for connecting you with yourself !!

Call us at +91 7738391821 or mail us at marketing@kenishaholidayhomes.in to get more insights about our project.

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