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Set in the backdrop of Duke’s Nose and the valley, KENISHA is a beautiful voyage to be experienced, explored, and expressed by inspired minds.

This residential second home project came into being with a single purpose: to let you slow down, unwind and to connect you with yourself.

An exclusive environ of nature, spread over thirty acres of land*, our second home is designed and crafted to serve the experience of traditional things in a contemporary manner. Sloping terrains, dense canopy of the forest, and water bodies add their colours to its natural beauty. Located in Khopoli-pali road, here at Kenisha each second home is planned with a spirit of its own.


Kenisha Holiday Homes is currently offering a unique habitat of 50+ Lifestyle Villas and Cottages which blend into the natural splendor and contours of the mountain range and lush surrounding landscape.

Kenisha Holiday Homes, the pride of an owner!!!

To ensure this, we have meticulously planned every part of the project using a hybrid master plan encompassing the best features of Fan, Cluster and Grid patterns providing expansive terraces and slopping gardens. The primary objective is to make every part of the villa well connected to the walkways and roads, without losing privacy of every resident of Kenisha.

Each villa comes with a vegetable garden and an orchard space. The pleasure of plucking mangoes and vegetables is priceless!

The architecture is “TRADCON”, a blend of traditional and contemporary designs. The finesse and the specifications give a different meaning to your lifestyle and provide illustrious signature residences.

The approach is to offer all the elements for you to connect with yourself. Here you can relax over a wellness treatment, unwind yourself in a swimming pool, take a walk around the water body, enjoy reading in the library, simply relax in the gazebos & feel the nature, go for a hike or an adventure trail in the forest or enjoy stargazing.

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