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Today many people are loving the idea to stay in an environment that is secluded from noise and pollution. Living and working in the city all year round is making people more responsive to stress. This is no wonder that people are looking for a small-time break from it all. Owning a villa near Mumbai

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Having more than one home can be an integral part of your financial strategy. We all know that the advantage of investing in a property is huge. If you are preparing to make a fresh investment, purchasing a second home could prove to be your best opportunity. Also, it can provide you with lifestyle options

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If you have been seeing for an investment in real estate in and around Mumbai, then Khopoli is one of the most promising locations to look at. In recent years, Khopoli has risen as the new real-estate hub near Mumbai. Khopoli is also an ideal second home location as it is environed by the glorious

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Urbanisation is good and a continuous process. But the same urbanisation does not offer the luxury of space. Everyone is getting crammed into limited areas and that’s when we start going away from nature. We just see concrete. There is no raw soil, nothing to grow etc. In fact kids now a day do not

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A Second home is not the primary residence but is used as a vacation home. This home can be rented out, or it is considered an investment property. These homes are generally connected to natural environments and the concept of nature. We are sure you can’t wait to join the pleasant world of second homeowners.

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