Dec 2018.. Club house with gymnasium, floating cottage, swimming pool, indoor games, cafe lounge, restaurant, multi-utility hall and wellness center.

EJK: Dec2018
L: June 2019

At the time of Booking: 25%
At the completion of R.C.C work: 25%
At the completion of walls & plaster: 25%
At the time of Possession: 25%

Explanation: 4.3.5 maintenance account interest utilisation.

Owner/Developer/Promoter fails to give possession of the said Unit in accordance with the terms of this Agreement within the stipulated period as mentioned in Clause 5(a) hereinabove or within further mutually agreed period and a period of three months thereafter, or if, the Owner/Developer/Promoter and/or its Agents for reasons beyond its control, are unable to give possession of the said Unit by the said date and after a period of three months if those reasons still exist, then in such case, Owner/Developer/ Promoter shall, without prejudice to its rights reserved hereunder, be liable on demand of the Purchaser/s to refund the amounts already received by it in respect of the said Unit from the Purchaser/s with simple interest thereon at the rate of 9% per annum from the date it received the same till the date the amounts and interest thereon is refunded to the Purchaser/s.

Purchaser/s, cannot transfer the registration, booking or allotment of the said Unit in favour of a third party for eighteen (18) months from the date of allotment of the said Unit by Owner/Developer/Promoter. Transfer of booking may be permissible after 18 months subject to prior approval by Owner/Developer/Promoter, who may at its sole discretion permit the same on payment of transfer charges @ 2% of the Consideration (taxes extra) for transfer of the said Unit and any other administrative charges as may be fixed by Owner/Developer/Promoter from time to time, submission of inter alia affidavit/ undertaking / request for transfer or any other document and on such terms and conditions and guidelines as it may deem fit by Owner/Developer/Promoter, subject to clearing all the sums due and payable on the date of request.

Yes that is possible without a charge

Yes with prior intimation of arrival/departure and no of guest and charges to kenisha TBD


Rental Promotion

  • Restaurant – 24/7 – Veg / Non veg?
  • Decorations?
  • Extra circular activities – camping, trekking, tents, obstacle course
  • Target kitty parties
  • School picnics / college trips, educational trips, FAM trips , office off site
  • FNB provision
  • Wellness center package

As per agreement 6 person…. charges for extra family member??? TBD

In the event of the Purchaser/s desiring to cancel the booking of the Unit which is the subject matter of this letter of Allotment, the Purchaser/s shall give to the Owner/Developer/Promoter a prior intimation in writing of his/her intention to cancel his/her booking. On receipt of such written communication the Owner/Developer/Promoter shall within 15 days from the date of receipt, communicate in writing its acceptance or otherwise to the Purchaser/s. The Owner/Developer/Promoter shall forfeit a sum equal to 7.5% of the Lumpsum Consideration PLUS interest due in case of default, calculated till date of receipt of cancellation intimation and all taxes paid, and the Owner/Developer/Promoter shall refund the excess amount paid by the Purchaser/sonly after the Owner/Developer/Promoter has re-sold the said Unit and after the Owner/Developer/Promoter has received monies due from any such new prospective Purchaser/s of the said Unit. The Owner/Developer/Promoter shall have the right to forfeit / withdraw any benefits / cancellations / discounts / incentives given to the Purchaser/s.

The carpet area of the said Unit not inclusive of the exclusive right to use the appurtenant areas as specified herein, shall be______ square meters equivalent to ______ square meters built up area(subject to the variation of 5%) as per the copy of the sanctioned Plan of the said Complex known as “KENISHA HOLIDAY HOMES”. The exclusive right of user of the appurtenant adjacent areas as specified in the plan annexed hereto has been granted “ex-gratia” by the Owner/Developer/Promoter to the Purchaser/s.

TBD as it will depend on rental option i.e occupany/yearly basis

The Owner/Developer/Promoter / Consenting Party shall deposit the one-time maintenance amounts received from the purchasers of Units in “KENISHA HOLIDAY HOMES MAINTENANCE ACCOUNT” in a separate bank account opened for that purpose and shall transfer all amounts lying in such account to the name of the ultimate body formed of all purchasers Units in the said Complex. Interest thereon shall be utilised to meet demand of all statutory payments towards taxes applicable for the project, or such other statutory expenses as the Owner/ Developer may deem necessary for the entire project.

Mentioned in the agreement – however if an extra family member is added will the cost increase

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