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Today many people are loving the idea to stay in an environment that is secluded from noise and pollution. Living and working in the city all year round is making people more responsive to stress. This is no wonder that people are looking for a small-time break from it all. Owning a villa near Mumbai can be a perfect place for the stress-free time and pleasant atmosphere to spend time.

This is one of the reasons why HNI’s of Mumbai are more drifting towards villas as a second homeĀ over apartments. Lonavala, Khandala, Khopoli are some of the top places that are attracting investors for villas, independent houses and bungalows.

Here are the perks of owning a Kenisha Holiday Homes villas for sale in Khopoli:

A peaceful life
After days of work, rush and stress of life, people look to unwind and release all that stress. Having a villa in a gated community away from the bustling city, traffic noise can be a great choice if you want to enjoy your weekends in serene beauty and quiet place. Buying a villa just a few hours drive away from your primary residence gives you your own personal space to enjoy delightful evenings with your near and dear ones.

When it comes to luxury homes or villa, it’s all about space. There will be space for a garden, patio, terrace and much more privacy. You can live your life that you want not worrying about snooping neighbours which is quite common in apartments.

Design your Space
Usually, in the villa the space is sufficient and you have complete liberty to build your space as per your taste and wish. You can get creative with your living space or extend your patio or build a treehouse for children. It’s up to you how well you put this much space up to use.

Security and Convenience
It’s important to be safe when you have a high-value home. Our villa has manned and electronic security which makes it a secure and comfortable space for living. You are free to come and go from the villas as you please, whenever it fits your schedule.

Great Investment
A villa as a second home does not only give a great space to live and enjoy but also solve the purpose of weekend getaways. But this is also an excellent investment as it will always be in demand and on the rise. This is one the key factor why people in Mumbai and Pune and preferring villas in Khopoli.

Kenisha Holiday Homes villas come with the blended benefits of plots and flats. We give you the pleasure of living in an independent house with all the privacy and liberty but without the headache of huge investment for construction. Our villa projects in Khopoli offer lesser units with the goal that the complex doesn’t get overcrowded. Also, our estate offers community amenities as well as private amenities like gardens which you can put on any utilization that fits in.

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