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A weekend home is commonly a second home or a vacation home that individuals buy with the sole purpose of relaxation. Mountains, Beaches, Lakeview, Hills are a portion of the major location’s buyer prefers to get away from the hustle-bustle of periodic city life. For certain people, this vacation home serves as a residential home after retirement.

Concept of weekend homes

Quality of life has become one of the most important considerations in weekend home buying. Weekend home is a leisure property that one buys in the wake of possessing the primary living place. Buyers from the more affluent class lean towards for a premium property alike to villas or boutique homes in a more embracing environment. The weekend home trend is growing due to additional living space, designer homes and will dominate the real estate market in times to come. Changing lifestyles and investment enthusiasm from the HNI are a portion of the elements that are pushing luxury homes in India. 

Karjat near Lonavala is coming up in a tremendous way for a weekend or second home, it’s just a 2-hr drive from Mumbai. People want to invest in a weekend home that is a short drive of 2-3 hours from their primary residence. Serene surrounding, ample greenery, calmness, developed infrastructure are some of the highlights that buyer looks for in their weekend home.

Numerous people are uncertain if purchasing a weekend home will pay off for them later in the future. While some think they might not consume enough time being there. Here are a few benefits of owning a weekend home.

Rental Income

There is consistently a decent alternative for leasing your weekend home when it is not occupied. On the off chance that your house is in a famous spot, at that point chances are it tends to be an excellent source of income.

Long Term Profits

In the real estate market, there are high possibilities that the estimation of your weekend home will retain and appreciate over time.


Being comfortable on a break is an absolute necessity. Having a weekend home that is close makes your stay much more comfortable and homely on each stay.

Family Gatherings

Family social gatherings are an ideal opportunity to create memories and weekend home with a setup for those get-togethers can be perfect.

Quick Getaways

There is no longer a confusion if there is no planned vacation, the location of the second home can be the go-to spot for the family. Also, there is the option of deciding the length and stay of your get-away.

There are plenty of reasons to consider before buying a weekend home however, above are some excellent benefits to help you make the decision. Looking at the increasing demand for the luxury residence or second home over a few years, this sector shows assuring growth in the coming few years. If you are considering to purchase a weekend home or second home, we are hoping to help you as well.

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